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This is a bold move by Lupita Godinez, as she will have to overcome a weight and size disadvantage among fighting a skilled fighter in Luana Carolina. However, Godinez is well rounded and physically strong. Two attributes that I do believe aided Godinez in making the decision to take this fight. Carolina is a striker, who is accurate and throws with volume. With good takedown defense, she can be a handful for anyone who dares to strike with her. Throw in a four inch height and eight inch reach advantage in this fight, and it’s hard not to think Carolina won’t find success on the feet with Godinez. 

As for a prediction, I have Godinez. By the smallest of margins, I do believe that Godinez will get it done. While Carolina has the edge on the feet, Godinez’s wrestling and strength advantage is going to be the factor that turns this fight in her favor. Even though I stated Carolina has good takedown defense, she has yet to fight someone who is as physically strong as Godinez. I expect Godinez to close the distance and bully the Brazilian against the cage. Perhaps, even accumulating cage control time in the clinch. Regardless, I believe Godinez will make history and win her second fight in a seven day span via decision.

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