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This is a must watch fight, as both men’s skills clash in what could potentially be an instant classic. Jeff Molina is a workhorse. In his UFC debut, he landed 189 significant strikes. Even crazier, 127 of those significant strikes came in round three. An absolutely absurd amount of production so late into a fight. Daniel Lacerda doesn’t know anything about fighting in the later rounds though, as he has won ten of eleven wins in the first round. With a well rounded skill set, Lacerda has been just as dangerous on the ground as he is on the feet. The Brazilian is a legitimate prospect in the Flyweight division.

As for a prediction, I’m going to side with Molina. While the fight itself should be a close one, the nod to Molina ultimately comes from the unknown of Lacerda’s cardio. Having seen a round two only once just isn’t a good indicator of how Lacerda can handle a high paced fifteen minute fight. Throw in the fact that Molina has the ability to turn it up in the later rounds and I just have a hard time seeing the Brazilian prospect keep up. So with that said, I believe Molina weathers the early storm and takes home a close decision victory.

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