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In a fight that is likely to see the loser cut from the organization, I expect both men to muster up their best efforts to avoid losing at all cost. Laureano Staropoli is a striker who came into the UFC with a knack of knocking opponents out. While Staropoli has failed to record a knockout victory in the UFC, he has a notable win over Thiago Alves. In the Argentinian’s defense, he has fought several opponents who elected to take him down. A problem that Jamie Pickett has dealt with in his career. However, the striker should have little issues with Staropoli, who has landed only four takedowns in five UFC fights.

As for a prediction, I’m going with Jamie Pickett. While I believe that Staropoli is the better striker, I’m concerned that the move up to the Middleweight division was the right choice for the Argentinian. Already being exploited for his lack of takedown defense, moving up in weight seems like a death sentence against a wrestler. Now, Pickett isn’t a wrestler, but he has shown a propensity to mix it in his attack. Another reason I lean Pickett is that he will have a whopping 8.5’ reach advantage. For someone who already likes to pump a jab, I see Pickett finding lots of success. In the end, I believe this is a close fight. One in which Pickett edges out via split decision.

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