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This fight is interesting, in which Maria Oliveira holds a distinctive size advantage and Tabatha Ricci holds a massive grappling edge. Oliveira is a striker, who likes to pressure opponents while maintaining enough range to get off her leg kicks and straight punches. With a five inch height and seven inch reach advantage, Oliveira would appear to have the upper hand on the feet. However, Ricci is a submission specialist. Dealt a raw hand in her UFC debut, the second time around should bring out the best Ricci. After all, the UFC saw something in Ricci after only five fights. 

As for a prediction, I have Ricci. From the tape I’ve seen on Oliveira, she is susceptible to being taken down. While on the mat, Oliveira has little to no abilities off her back. Against a submission specialist like that of Ricci, I see a salivating fight for Baby Shark. So with that said, I predict that Ricci will win this fight via submission.

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