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If Alan Patrick had stayed in this fight, it wouldn’t have been pretty. Mason Jones is a two-division Cage Warriors Champion and an excellent fighter. With a well rounded skill set, Jones has shown to be a high output striker who mixes in timely takedowns. While his UFC tenure has gotten off to a less than thrilling start, Jones remains a prospect to watch in the Lightweight division. This fight won’t be easy though, as David Onama looks octagon ready. From the tape I’ve seen, Onama is a powerful striker who has an excellent grasp in the grappling department. As an amateur Onama went 10-0. As a pro, he is 8-0. In other words, Onama is experienced and has a winning pedigree heading into his UFC debut.

As for a prediction, I’m going on a whim and picking Onama. It’s a tough prediction, as I believe Jones is a talented fighter who has a bright future in the UFC. However, I believe that Onama is coming into this fight as the perfect storm. On short notice and under the radar, his skills will shine under the bright lights. So with all that said, I predict that Onama will win in a back-and-forth fight via decision.

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