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Jordan Williams could be fighting for his job, as he has dropped two straight and three of his last four fights. While the talented striker is a fun fighter to watch, he’s had a hard time finding his footing since joining the UFC. With excellent takedown defense and high output on the feet, Williams in essence shouldn’t be struggling this hard. Things however don’t get easier, as Williams has to halt the hype of Ian Garry. The Irishman is an excellent striker, who is technical and precise. Garry often fancies throwing leg kicks as well, either chopping down foes or knocking them out via headkick. With improved wrestling and grappling, Garry is slowly rounding out his game.

As for a prediction, I have Garry winning. From the tape I’ve seen on the Irishman, he looks UFC ready despite his inexperience. In my opinion, Garry’s timing and crisp striking are on levels above those already in the promotion. Throw in the fact that he’s fought a five-round fight, and I’d say he’s more than ready to make the walk to the octagon. While I understand it’s best not to get lost in the hype, Garry seems like an exception. So with that said, I have Garry winning via decision.

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