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Once upon a time, Gian Villante was a top fifteen Light Heavyweight. Nowadays, he’s an overblown Heavyweight with maybe five to seven minutes of cardio. Obviously not the most flattering attributes, but more or less the truth. Unless Villante has taken this time to evolve or get in shape, it’s hard to find positives for the Long Islander coming into this fight. Then there is Chris Barnett. A journeyman who has fought all around the world, and has found himself in the UFC. With good striking and power, Barnett has won sixteen of his twenty one wins via knockout. If anything is certain, Barnett is not looking for the judges’ help in a fight.

As for a prediction, I have Barnett winning. There are just too many red flags surrounding Villante. In two fights at Heavyweight, not only has he lost to the bottom of the barrel in the division, but his cardio and his physical shape are just not where they need to be. While Barnett is not exactly well rounded, he has shown the striking and power necessary to make some noise in certain fights. This one I’d say qualifies, as I have Barnett winning via TKO.

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