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As with the first fight of the night, this one too has a real chance to excite. Melsik Baghdasaryan is a former kickboxer who transitioned to mixed martial arts full-time in 2019. With an arsenal on his feet, Baghdasaryan has won five of his six wins via knockout. With pinpoint accuracy and improved takedown defense, Baghdasaryan could be just beginning his ascension in the Featherweight division. It won’t be easy though, as Bruno Souza comes into this fight riding high. From the tape I’ve seen on Souza, he’s a karate fighter. Using distance, Souza likes to stay on the outside and pick his moments to burst in with attacks. While I’ve noticed his takedown defense is lacking, in this particular fight, it should be mainly contested on the feet.

As for a prediction, I have Baghdasaryan. While Souza is on a ten-fight win streak, he has been saved by three split decisions and an illegal strike that halted what was going to result in a defeat. Not to discredit Souza by any means, but I don’t see anything special in the stand-up department that is going to give Baghdasaryan fits. The Armenian is a far better striker and is going to engulf Souza with his high output. In the end, I see Baghdasaryan winning via TKO.

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