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Since joining the UFC in 2019, John Allan hasn’t quite had the most memorable of times. The Brazilian has fought two tough opponents, saw one win overturned due to a failed drug test that cost him a year and now has an opponent change that is significantly a harder fight for him. However, Allan gets a third shot regardless. Featuring technical striking and a Muay Thai background, Allan has shown a real knack for finishing opponents. With twelve stoppages in thirteen wins, the Brazilian has made it known that he’d rather leave the judges out of a fight. Then there is Dustin Jacoby, who has been a new man during his second UFC stint. With a kickboxing background and excellent cardio, Jacoby has either made quick work of opponents or weathered the storm and mounted a comeback. Considering Jacoby hasn’t lost since 2015, I’d say his adjustments and style have been very successful.

As for a prediction, I have Jacoby winning. In what I expect to be an excellent striking contest, it’s the volume and cardio that I believe give Jacoby the edge in this fight. The only concern I have for Jacoby, is if the short notice nature of the fight does hamper his cardio in any way. Then again, Allan isn’t a workhorse or doesn’t push the pace in the fight. In essence, Jacoby should be good for three rounds. So with that said, I predict that Jacoby will win this fight via decision.

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