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Both fighters have struggled of late, but there is a glaring difference in each’s struggles. For Cortney Casey, it’s not being able to separate herself from her opponent in the fight. In her last four decision losses, three have been split. For Liana Jojua, it’s being unable to adapt to the competition. Perhaps fighting nine opponents with a combined record of 13-7 didn’t exactly set her up for UFC caliber competition. Given that both have struggled, this is an excellent fight for one of them to get out of the proverbial dumpster. 

As for a prediction, I have Casey winning. Having fought some of the best fighters since signing with the promotion in 2015, Casey has an abundance of experience. She’s also the better fighter. Jojua may have grappling chops and submissions, but her striking isn’t anywhere near serviceable. As long as Casey keeps this fight upright and forgoes wrestling, she should batter Jojua on the feet. However, as has been the case with most of her career, keeping this fight upright is a big if. In the end though, I predict that Casey will win this fight via TKO.

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