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This should be an excellent fight, as both men have been fairly entering inside the octagon. Sean Woodson is a pure striker, who is massive for the weight class. Standing at 6’2 and with a 78′ reach, Woodson is the biggest Featherweight since Will Chope, who was 6’4. Using distance and his obvious reach advantage, Woodson looks to pepper opponents from the outside. While Woodson lacks power, he makes up for it with volume. Colin Anglin however, has a mix of power and volume. Anglin is also a solid wrestler, which might be his angle for attack in this fight. Especially considering, Julian Erosa had success and Youssef Zalal nearly edged Woodson out with two takedowns. 

As for a prediction, I have Woodson winning. While I expect Anglin to wrestle, I do believe that Woodson has improved his takedown defense and his ability to avoid being held down. While upright, Woodson’s towering frame and seven inch reach advantage should aid him to outclass Anglin on the feet. Things could get dicey should Anglin back up against the cage, but his toughness and Woodson’s lack of power suggest this goes fifteen minutes. So with that, I predict that Woodson wins via decision.

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