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We have a potential pink slip fight in the Heavyweight division, as Josh Parisian takes on Alan “The Black Samourai” Baudot. Joining the UFC in 2020, Parisian has struggled to find consistency. Losing two of his three fights with the promotion, with his only win coming against someone no longer in the UFC, Parisian urgently needs to win this fight. Otherwise, he could be out of the promotion in less than two years. Meanwhile, Baudot has yet to taste victory in the UFC. Hoping his fortune’s change in this fight, Baudot’s UFC tenure hangs in the balance. Unfortunate, as the UFC is headed to France and the Frenchman would be a perfect candidate to be on the card.

This fight is a crapshoot, as quite frankly, these are two of the bottom barrel Heavyweight’s. Parisian is a striker, who’s got good volume and cardio for a Heavyweight. Lacking power, Parisian looks to break down opponents over the course of the fight. With twelve of his fourteen wins coming via finish, more often than not, Parisian is doing just that. As for Baudot, he too is an active striker. Landing 5.12 significant strikes per minute, Baudot looks to swarm opponents output. However, there is something to be said about Baudot’s last six fights. He is 2-3 with one no contest. On the surface, that seems not too bad. When digging into it, you realize that Baudot has only one legitimate win in that span. The second victory was a result of Baudot’s opponent testing positive for Marijuana. A fight in which Baudot was stopped in, yet somehow was awarded a DQ win later on. Then there is the no contest. A fight in which Baudot was stopped in, but saw the result overturned due to a positive drug test by Rodrigo Nascimento. In other words, Baudot could very well be 1-5 in that stretch, with four of the losses coming via stoppage. Not to discredit the man, but I just don’t think he is UFC caliber. So with that said, I predict that Parisian will win this fight via TKO.

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