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In the co-main event, we have a pivotal fight in the Welterweight division, as Neil “Haitian Sensation” Magny takes on Shavkat “Nomad” Rakhmonov. Often overlooked, Magny comes into his twenty-seventh UFC fight looking to continue his climb up the division. Checking in at tenth in the rankings, and with wins in five of the last six fights, Magny has an opportunity here to potential earn a top five fighter with a victory. Meanwhile, Rakhmonov has been nothing short of spectacular. Unbeaten in fifteen fights, the Kazakh comes into his fourth UFC appearance looking to knock off his first ranked foe. Should Rakhmonov prevail, the sky is the limit for the uber talented former M-1 Champion.

This is an excellent co-main event. Magny is a true veteran, who has fought whomever, whenever. This fight isn’t any different. A striker, with endless cardio, Magny can be one of the more difficult fighters to stand across from. With excellent durability and some good offensive wrestling too, Magny’s has several ways to win. However, his patented way to victory is simply outlasting opponents. With pressure, non-stop activity and a hard fifteen minute pace, Magny has broken down many fighters. In fact, eighteen of his nineteen wins have come after round one. As for Rakhmonov, he is evolving in front of our eyes. An excellent grappler, who has solid submissions and cardio, Rakhmonov is not someone you want to be on the ground with. While his striking is good, it’s still evolving.

As for a prediction, I’m going with Rakhmonov. If there is a route to victory against Magny, it’s by neutralizing him with wrestling and grappling. Something in which Demian Maia and Michael Chiesa successfully did. Also, it helps to have good cardio. Given Rakhmonov checks off all those markers, I’m in firm belief that he can get the job done. So with that said, give me the Kazakh finisher to win via submission.

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