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This is an intriguing fight, as Jun Yong Park has used his wrestling to aid him in this three-fight winning streak. However, not only does Gregory Rodrigues boast solid takedown defense, but he is an excellent grappler. This creates a conflict of interest for Park, who does have a solid jab, but has very much relied on taking his foes down since dropping his UFC debut. Rodrigues though will be a tall task. The Brazilian is a physical specimen who is big for the weight class. With legitimate knockout power and physical strength, Rodrigues has a bright future should he be able to continue to make 185 pounds. 

As for a prediction, I have Rodrigues. I think a combination of the Brazilian’s size and skills is going to make it hard for Park to implement his game. I foresee Rodrigues keeping the fight upright, outpointing Park on the feet. Even a takedown or two could be in the works for Rodrigues, whose physical strength may be unmatched in the Middleweight division. So with all that said, I’m going to predict that Rodrigues wins this fight via decision.

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