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We have a fun fight in the Bantamweight division, as Guido “Ninja’ Cannetti takes on Kris Moutinho. Looking to halt a three-fight skid, Cannetti comes into contest desperately needing a victory. At forty-two years old, not only is Cannetti’s UFC job on the line, but perhaps his mixed martial arts career. Meanwhile, Moutinho comes into this bout with some newfound buzz. Having valiantly fought Sean O’Malley on short notice, Moutinho earned immense respect for his ability withstand punishment. 230 strikes worth of punishment. Hoping not to be a punching bag this time around, Moutinho will take on an opponent more on his level.

As for a prediction, I have Moutinho winning. While neither guy is particularly trustworthy, Moutinho brings forth youth and immense toughness. Having seen him absorb the amount of punishment he did against O’Malley, and in another fight be dropped several times only to continue getting up, Moutinho isn’t one to quit. Not saying Cannetti is, but the Argentinian has fought seven times since debuting in the UFC in 2014. In those seven, he has been stopped in four of his five losses. Not the most durable or backed with a winning pedigree, Cannetti is more or less, a wildcard. So with that said, I predict that Moutinho wins this fight via TKO.

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